I received this handmade card from a very special 6 year old girl after Momoe, our resident sugar glider passed last month. Today we also said goodbye to Jack Jack, a sanctuary rat that had been with us since September 2009, and it made me think back to this thoughtful gesture once again. Each animal that comes into Apple Wood takes a piece of my heart when they leave. Whether their leaving is by adoption or by their passing, we will remember them all. Each one is special, each one deserves the best, and each one will never be forgotten.

Thank you so much to everyone that shares in the ups and downs of this shelter and its animals. We appreciate your support tremendously!
Jinna Adamson – Founder

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  1. What a beautiful, touching card and story! Bless you for caring so much for each tiny soul who lives with you at your rescue!! Each one is special and will never be forgotten.

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