We have successfully completed our flooring project and are all moved into our new, larger space! Getting to this point has been a challenge and I couldn’t be more proud of and thankful for my volunteers, friends and family that helped me along the way.

Starting with high hopes on Saturday morning September the 7th, myself, along with 5 volunteers, began to “remove” the carpet. Now you might say, why put remove in quotation marks? Well my friends, we sure tried. We tried for about 3 hours and had only removed a tiny fraction of our carpet. The building we are located in was built in the 1970’s and the carpet we were removing was the original. There was at least four layers of glue and it coated the entirety of the floor. We called the flooring contractor that was scheduled to be there the next day and he was there within the hour with a large electric scraper. After assessing the floor and what he would need in the morning, he called in to have another worker scheduled. Even with the large electric scraper and three construction guys, it still took over 3 hours to remove the remaining carpet. Over the next 5 days, they ground down the remaining glue, re-cemented the floor, added a layer of sealer and then painted the floor.

I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and Sticky Feet Flooring. They were fantastic and accommodating to the issues that arose after the carpet refused to come up and finished the floor within the time frame needed for us to move. Even though several items changed, they were still able to keep the original quote that we used to base our fundraising goal off of with LoveAnimals.org.

Having this opportunity to move into our new shelter space has been tremendous and I would have never been able to accomplish this move without all the help I received. I am forever grateful and ready to focus on helping more small critters in Denver Metro. We are planning an open house the first week or so in December and I can’t wait for everyone to see the difference that their time and donations made for Apple Wood Rescue! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our project!! Please enjoy a video of our flooring project and the move!

Jinna Adamson
Founder & Executive Director

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